A library card is all you need to borrow items from our collections. It’s free and available to everyone. We also provide temporary library cards for long term visitors. Visit the library for an application. Photo ID and proof of address are required and patrons under the age of 16 will need a parent or guardian signatures on their application.


Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Colorado Driver’s License with current address on front or back
  • Colorado ID with current address on front or back
  • School ID (for minors only)

If your identification does not include your current address, you must bring:

  • Current mail (postmarked within 30 days)
  • Recent utility bill, insurance card, etc.
  • Or we will mail you a postcard that you can bring back as proof of your current address

Borrower’s Agreement

Your library card may be used at the John C. Fremont Library District. It is for your own personal use. You are responsible for all material borrowed and charges incurred on your library card. Parent/guardians are responsible minors under the age of 16 years. Please report lost or stolen cards immediately to prevent unauthorized use.


The library charges fines for material kept past the due date and damaged or lost items. The library reserves the right to refuse further service until overdue materials are returned and account balances are paid.


Colorado Patron Privacy

In accordance with Colorado Law (24-90-119) the public library treats all your transactions with us as private and confidential. You may authorize us to make specific exceptions.


Circulation Policies

Below is a table of checkout limits for juvenile and adult card holders.

Patron Type Item Type Items Allowed Checkout Time Fine per Day
Adult Books 25 14 Days $0.05
Audio Books 25 14 Days $0.05
Magazines 6 14 Days $0.05
DVDs 10 14 Days $0.25
Music CDs 25 14 Days $0.05
Video Games 6 14 Days $0.50
State Parks Pass 1 7 Days $0.25
Juvenile Books 10 14 Days $0.05
Audio Books 10 14 Days $0.05
Magazines 6 14 Days $0.05
DVDs 3 14 Days $0.25
Music CDs 3 14 Days $0.05
Video Games 6 14 Days $0.50
State Parks Pass 1 7 Days $0.25