Virtual Reality – an Unforgettable Experience

Andrew playing the VR games at Papa’s

Have you ever wanted to explore a new world or experience something new?  If you answered “yes”, then try out the Virtual Reality at Papa’s Pizza. They have provided a brand new, one of a kind immersible experience that I was lucky enough to try myself.   You can play as a space pirate shooting down drones close up or even in the distance, you can also play Minecraft first person.  However if you don’t really like video games fret not for the VR also offers peaceful experiences such as “Blu”, which is a look at underwater creatures.  Even though it offers all these experiences to try it’s not free, so make sure to bring some money with you; especially since there’s a time limit for how long you can play depending on how much time you buy.  To the best of my knowledge it is offered every day.  The best part is that they offer a variety of different games to choose from each one having it’s own unique experience.  This is definitely a one of a kind thing in this area that I actually haven’t seen in many other places, and something that people should explore for themselves, just be careful not to lose track of time!

By Andrew Strawn