Pinwheels for Prevention in Florence

Ken Trusty with the giant pinwheels. Photo courtesy of Florence Merchants Association.

Pinwheels for Prevention is a movement that raises awareness about how we can prevent child abuse and neglect during Child Abuse Prevention month, which spans the length of April. The kickoff event was at the Rialto, featuring a speech from our County Commissioner Debbie Bell, and a giant pinwheel created by Ken Trusty. In April, one can expect to see blue and silver pinwheels placed in flower pots throughout Florence to remind people that child abuse is an issue that needs combating. The pinwheel represents hope and promise; when individuals, social organizations, businesses and communities display this symbol they make the statement that every child deserves to be raised in safe, healthy, and nurturing environments.


Pinwheels for Prevention is supported by a group called Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA). They work to create a safer environment for abused children with the help of local and state officials. BACA works directly with children to help them feel safe enough to open up about issues they are experiencing, and be a physical barrier for children if necessary. You can support they by visiting their website and donating (