Introduction to Communities that Care

Two weeks ago, I attended an introductory meeting for an initiative called Communities That Care (CTC), which is funded by a grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. This meeting was mainly about preventing problem behaviors like substance abuse, depression and anxiety, violence, teen pregnancy, school dropout, and delinquency in teens and young adults. What impressed me was the how well CTC has helped communities around the country significantly decrease the prevalence of these issues over the past 30 years. Prevention of these problem behaviors listed stop actions that would otherwise cost taxpayers money and replace them with behaviors that add value to taxpayers. Jen, O’Connor, the CTC coordinator for  Fremont County was able to answer every question I and other participants had with an intelligent answer. The meeting was inspiring because it left me with peace of mind that people are working on important issues involving young people, not only in my community, but across the country.


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