FPD & FSO’s Night Out in the Park

Night Out in the Park is Florence Police Department’s and the Fremont Sheriff’s Office 2nd annual Halloween event that starts at 6pm in the Pioneer Park.  Kids and teens of all ages are welcome to attend. Activities, food and drinks are free.  Sumo suit wrestling, bouncy house and airsoft gun target shooting were fun activities provided for the kids under 14.  However, “everyone” did not include older teenagers. I recommend for next year, the FPD adds activities to accommodate high schoolers to attract older teens and whole families. Night Out in the Park is an opportunity to attract teens, entertain them, and keep them out of any Halloween mischief. I, as a teenager, felt like a bystander, instead of a participant. Nevertheless, everyone who went to the event enjoyed themselves at no expense.




Image: Hallowe’en precautions. from The New York Public Library. Mid-Manhattan Library. Picture Collection.  No known copyright restrictions.