Board of Trustees




The Board of Trustees meeting is open to the public.
The Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5pm.

Trustee – 1 Open Position

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Vacancy Announcement

Board of Trustees Opening


Daniel Petersen

Phone: (719) 248-5734

Term Ends: 2020

Dan grew up on a farm in Minnesota that has been in his family for over 100 years.  After he graduated from high school he studied Animal Science and Electrical Engineering in the Twin Cities.  While in college, the University library proved invaluable to his studies and employment.

In the 1970s, Dan went back to the library to research and learned computerization of algorithms and application development.  All his life he has had a deep respect and appreciation for libraries.  “They build communities, act as centers for the arts, preserve our history and champion our youth.  Without libraries, the very core of our liberties and rights as a country is at stake”, he said.

Daniel is very pleased to be a member of the board of trustees for the John C. Fremont Library, and will serve to the best of his ability.



Vice President

 Joseph Whelan

Phone:  (303) 887-7318

Term Ends: 2019

Joseph was raised in Indiana and became a Coloradan in 1974 which, as John Denver sang “…feels like home to me.” He was a geochemist for the U.S. Geological Survey in Lakewood until his retirement in 2009. He then built a strawbale home west of Florence in 2012 where he hikes, bikes, gardens, and reads. He relishes the peace and quiet, and where he can practice Buddhist meditation.


Lorenzo Torres

Phone: (719) 430-0730

Term Ends: 2021


Barbara D. Clark

Phone: (318) 348-3413

Term Ends: 2023


Kevin Mahmalji

Phone: (720)525-8627

Term Ends: 2019